Hi Friends,

I am Hashim Khan, a certified AEM developer ,a  JAVA enthusiast, an expert Consultant and a Web Development Solution Provider . If you have a project that needs some AEM expertise then that’s where I come in! Since the start of my career I have been working on AEM and related technologies & since Feb 2015 , through this blog I am trying to share my AEM knowledge and give back to the AEM community.

This blog is just a collaborative effort of all the questions I got throughout my AEM journey while understanding the product. Through various posts , I have shared my experiences , along with the most interesting and intriguing questions. I am also sharing a lot of  templates , codes & scripts which I think would be quite useful for you to use AEM judiciously.  Its also a window for you to reach out to me if you have any questions related to AEM.

This blog might help you a lot in preparing for an interview, get an insight behind the psyche of the interviewer and understand AEM in the best possible way. I will try to keep it updated with the upcoming questions and corner areas which are generally missed by developers and frequently picked by interviewers. I am also sharing a lot of useful things in the blog which would help you uplift your AEM day to day work.

I am sure by going through all this material , you will definitely shine in any AEM interview. You are just a read away to achieve your goals.

Do send me a thank note, if I have helped you somehow. Best wishes always.

Feel free to contact me for any query /doubt or help  through the Ask Me section : https://hashimkhan.in/ask-me/ . I will get back to you as soon as possible .

Kind Regards.
Hashim Khan

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Hashim
    Thank you for sharing such as valuable information.
    I would like to get Adobe Certified Export for CQ5.6 Lead Developer.
    I know the path will be CQ5.6 Component Developer -> CQ5.6 Lead Developer -> Adobe Certified Export Interview.
    Please validate my given information.
    It is possible to not follow the sequence.
    For example, CQ5.6 Lead Developer -> CQ5.6 Component Developer -> Adobe Certified Export Interview.
    When I check Pearson VUE website for registration for CQ5.6 Lead Developer exam, it seems it doesn’t need to get the CQ5.6 Component Developer exam done in advance


    • Hi,
      Your welcome. Component developer and Lead developer are two independent certifications. Preferably you should go for a Component Developer first and then a Lead Developer. But there is no hard and fast rule in that. As per your level you may follow any order.


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