The most dreadful question before giving a certification exam is how to score well in that exam and pass it with flying colors. Adding to it , the situation becomes tricky when company sponsors the exam only when you clear it. And the expectations rise up.  :)

“There are no shortcuts in life – only those we imagine.” – Frank Leahy

I have shared some of the important and must know topics in AEM which might helpful for your preparation . But its always advisable to clear a certification exam with in-depth knowledge so that it will help you to build up your career .


For a few practice questions you can check out the discussions sections: https://hashimkhan.in/ask-me/

Best of Luck. !!


2 thoughts on “Certifications

  1. Hi Hasim ,

    Recently i wrote the aem 6.0 developer xam and i got the question like below

    4tabs basics, advance, permissions, cloudservices in dialog.
    Sling:hideChildren (“permissions”,”cloudservices”) was declared. what will happen?(choose 2)

    a).basic & advance tabs remain unchanged.
    b).basic & advance tabs are deleted.
    c).permissions and cloudservices are deleted along with their properties.
    d).permissions and cloudservices and their children are deleted.
    e).permissions and cloudservices are deleted while their properties are retained.

    Please tell the answer??


    • sling:hideChildren (String or String[])
      Contains the child node, or list of child nodes, to hide. The properties of the node will be maintained.
      The wildcard * hides all.

      Answer – a, e I guess from above options.


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