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Hi Friends,

The Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 is quite new and vibrant to the market. Getting certified on AEM 6 is quite reputed achievement these days. I could help you achieve your goals. I have tried to list down a complete list of helpful links/topics which are very frequent questioned in this certification exam. I would suggest you, to go through each one of them only as a reference and research in depth about the topics. In-Depth understanding of the topics is a must to clear the exam. They are just memory based. You may need to be prepared for all the aspects to clear the exam. Also, do remember to go through the previous blog post as a few questions might be asked from CQ 5.6 topics too. Go ahead and clear the exam.

All the best !!

Links to read (Updated for AEM 6.4): 

Besides the above topic you might also be aware of Topics covered in CQ5.6 page as a lot of questions might be from previous functionalities which are carried forward in CQ6.0

You may check a few sample questions been discussed at Ask Me .

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    • Hi,
      Yes A and D are correct. Option B doesnt exist . While with Option C , you will see the status of Logging Service. With Option A and D you will be able to see the logs.



  1. Hi Hashim,

    I am trying to get the properties of a child node in AEM 6.1. But , I can only get the properties of the node and not the child node.

    Please let me know if you can help me on this.

    This is required for creating a report and I’m using query builder to get the properties of the nodes.

    I’d come across something called “subPath” , but doesn’t seem to work.

    Kindly help.


    • Hi Tanya,
      I dont have any questions with me right now. I would advice to study the links I shared thoroughly for AEM5.6 and AEM 6.0 and give a try to the certification.


  2. Hi Everyone,

    I need to configure reverse replication agent so that the content nodes will get changed when the user make changes on author environment. Is it possible ? If yes, could anyone help me to configure the same..??


    • Hi,
      I didn’t get what is the ask here. Reverse Replication is done for synching the content from Publish to Author . Can u explain me more to help you better.
      What do you mean by Content Nodes get changed?


      • Correct Question:

        You have three publish instances publish1 , publish3, publish2 . If you update the content in one of the instance publish 1. How would you replicate this content among other instances (select three)
        a. Setup a standing/static agent in author
        b. Setup reverse replication from author to the three publish instances
        c. Setup the replication from author to publish
        d. Setup dispatcher cache agent in author


      • My question was regarding the user sync, to sync between publishers. If an end-user make any changes on a publish instance, will the changes gets reflected on author as well, Or is it getting changed only on publish instances. I would like to get a clear picture on how user sync works.

        Thanks in advance.


        • Hi Prabodh,

          In earlier versions of AEM the issue of content sync between Publishers was solved using reverse replication from Publisher to Author and then replication from Author to all Publishers. This approach however involved a lot of load and delays for the content sync.

          Going forward this problem was solved using architecture changes using Tunneling or MongoDB.

          Tunneling is widely used in Communities, where when you change a User property on publisher , it modifies all the properties on Author and Publishers for that user.
          MongoDB configuration works somewhat differently where you have a separate store for the content. So if you modify on first Publisher, as the storage is common and all the publishers are pointing to same location , the content change is reflected everywhere.

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  3. Hi Hashim,

    I am deploying the latest bundle in felix console. But getting the older version of bundle in logs. How can I clear the cache of older version?

    Getting this in logs:
    org.apache.felix.eventadmin Service [com.roche.hcpeu.components.eventstream.impl.DesignImporterReplicationHandler,3410] EventAdmin: Exception during event dispatch [org.osgi.service.event.Event [topic=com/day/cq/replication] | [org.osgi.service.event.EventHandler] | Bundle(com.roche.hcpeu.hcpnext-core [410])] (java.lang.IllegalStateException: This session has been closed)
    java.lang.IllegalStateException: This session has been closed

    Even though the session logout code has been commented out, still showing session has been closed.
    Pls share your experties.


    • Please check all the dependencies in your project while installing the package . Secondly from the felix console stop and delete the OLD bundle and reinstall the NEW one.


  4. Hi Hashim,

    I am a fresher into this field but know aspects of AEM and , I have a exam on 3rd september and I am very nervous about that Because My manager wants me to clear it.

    Can you please let me know the latest topics or any dumps for the exam so that It would help me in these left out days upto 3rd september. It would be a great help.

    Email id: Shawetasharma93@yahoo.com

    Please reply soon as I am not left with days for preparation.



  5. Which of the below are not true for a typical author runmode
    a. You cannot change it to a publish instance after installation
    b. You can change it to a publish after installation
    c. You cannot preview the page
    d. Sidekick is not available

    Should it be a and d?


  6. Which bundle should be disabled in order to prevent web based log viewing
    a. Disable Granite request logging
    b. Disable Apache sling logging Service
    c. Disable Apache Commons I/O
    d. Disable CRXDE UI
    Is it Apache Commons I/O. Though even after disabling the /bin/crxde/logs path works.


    • The answer should be d . You can try to disable bundle – Adobe CRXDE Support com.day.crx.crxde-support . The path=/bin/crxde/logs is binded to servlet com.day.crx.ide.CRXDELogServlet


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    • Hi,
      SlingSafeMethodsServlet is used in Servlets whenever we want to read data from the server and not make any changes to it. Methods like GET, HEAD, OPTIONS can be defined in it. There is ‘Safe’ in it as its not making any changes to the database and its safe to call .

      While SlingAllMethodsServlet covers all the methods POST, PUT and DELETE ( + GET, HEAD, OPTIONS ). It is mostly used when we want to make any changes to the server or we want both GET and POST methods in that servlet.


  8. Hi Hashim,

    Can you please provide answer to the below query:

    1) When does a new configuration inside a service take effect when we are changing them in crx repository
    a. When you restart the bundle of that service
    b. Restart the server
    c. Immediately
    d. Will take place once service is restarted


  9. Hi Hashim,

    Can you please provide answer to the below query :

    2. A set of pages follow template A. You add a new component in that template and then refresh those pages again. You don’t see the component there. What is the reason ? (choose one)
    a. Browser cache
    b. Jsp might have to be recompiled
    c. Component path was wrong
    d. Pages have to be recreated


  10. Hi Hashim,

    Can you please provide answer to the below question

    There is an external dependency that you have included in your pom.xml file. But when you install the bundle in felix console, bundle is not active. To include the classes from the external dependency, which one of the below will you use ?
    a. Private Package
    b. Import Package
    c. Export Package
    d. Include-Resource


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  13. Hii,
    this is S NK,
    Regularly I followed by your Blog,, I like your posts but i found some issues in some pages,
    I am also learning AEM6/CQ5 , i need your help in How to develop process in AEM with Eclipse in projects with steps from begin to ending,,
    Can you send or tell me the steps,, if you help me Im very ….happy

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  14. Hi Hashim,

    I am currently learning AEM 6.3 and would like to attempt AEM Developer (9A0-384) certification.

    When i was looking for study material, i have come across “CQ5 – AEM Tricks of Trade” blog and its very useful. I have few questions regarding certification.

    1. I see that there is no version mentioned in certification exam guide. Is 9A0-384 is a common exam for all AEM versions?

    2. How is the weightage of marks for each question in the exam. Because the total number of questions are 51 and marks are 700.

    3. I see few questions being discussed in the forum. Also, there are so many websites providing certification dumps for a cost. Are they reliable?? As the total number of questions provided by them as i see in the description is 51.

    4. If there are a set of questions, how does Adobe update these questions for the new versions.



  15. What developer should do with Template instead of using Components ?

    a) A Prepopulated page will get generated
    b) Restrict Templates with cq:allowed templates
    c) Existing Component will use


  16. .gitignore files in aem (Choose 2)

    a) Client CSS and JSS
    b) .content.xml as they are cached with server.
    c) Source files
    d) Client Liberaries
    e) IDE Related files

    I know e option is correct. But confused for second one.


  17. Hi,
    Need your inputs or reference to implement Coral.SelectList() feature in Touch UI Dialog in 6.4 AEM. Could you please provide steps.thank you ..


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