Ask Me ?

Hi Readers,

Here you may comment all the questions/ doubts which you encountered during your journey for AEM. I will try my best to help you out and might connect with you to solve them too.

Also you may post interesting questions which you went through during your respective interviews , and I will try to answer them and thereby increase the Question Bank for masses.

So go ahead and post the questions !!

Thanks a lot .


368 thoughts on “Ask Me ?

  1. Hi Hashim,

    We have a requirement where the links on blueprint needs to be updated for proper locale link in live copy.

    We created the DAM assets structure similar to site structure and placed similar PDF for “en” and “es” locale. Currently only two locales (English and Spanish).

    {/content/dam/testdemo/en and /content/dam/testdemo/es}

    I created a page with text “Click here” and added hyperlink for PDF from en folder. When live copy is created, the link still points to PDF from en folder.

    Page hierarchy (Blueprint): /content/testdemo/en/toolbar/testlink

    Live copy: /content/testdemo/es/testlink

    Requirement is that in live copy (in es folder) link should automatically update to point to similar PDF from es folder.

    Is this OOTB? then please help the configuration required. I used “Standard rollout config” while creating the live copy.

    If customization is needed, please guide with approach. Any links for examples with be appreciated.



  2. Hi All,

    I have one query please help me out..

    Project–>components–>content–>components(demo)–>dialog–>item–>(properties–name–./header) for the xtype -> textfield we can fetch the value in jsp through below code.

    but when we use same processes for xtype–> multicompositefield then the same code is not working

    so pls let me know the code or tips for fetch the multicompositefield value in jsp page.


    • Hi, I couldn’t see what code you are using. But you can debug this easily – do check how the property is getting saved in multi-field . It should be different from textfield. You have to write code which can read from that multi-field property.


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