Ask Me ?

Hi Readers,

Here you may comment all the questions/ doubts which you encountered during your journey for AEM. I will try my best to help you out and might connect with you to solve them too.

Also you may post interesting questions which you went through during your respective interviews , and I will try to answer them and thereby increase the Question Bank for masses.

So go ahead and post the questions !!

Thanks a lot .



621 thoughts on “Ask Me ?

  1. Hi Hasim,

    I got one requirement to do customization in file uplaod with some naming convension, I did it in lib folder inside but one problem i getting every new feature pack installation in production my change will be overridden. So i just want to know can i try the same structure in app folder. when i am trying so i am geeing javascript error(ught DOMException: Failed to execute ‘registerElement’ on ‘Document’: Registration failed for type ‘coral-chunkfileupload’. A type with that name is already registered.) and file is not uploaded. Could you please suggest some solution for this.

    thanks in advance .


  2. Hi Hashim,

    I have a multifield dialog with two textfield widgets.I want to compare the values entered in these textfields.
    I am able to do in normal dialog using Listeners, but unable to do for Multifield dialog.(Please help me where to add listener node, and how to access the textfield
    widgets using javascipt)


    • Hi Rohit,
      They keep on changing the passing score. So it’s not clear. As per the document its approx 550 (75%), but it really depends on the difficulty level of exam.
      Keep in mind, Adobe wants you to clear the exam. So if you work hard it should be easy.

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  3. Hi Hashim,
    I have created workflow models and configured launcher for page creation and content update. It works fine by workflow trigger –>approval—>moved to publish.
    But when I activate or deactivate a page, automatically it is reflected in publish without workflow process. What launcher condition has to be given for Page Activation/ Deactivation?


  4. Hi Hashim,
    I have a user group “Content admin”. where the user can only have the following permissions:
    1.Can Activate & Deactivate pages (so I have enabled Replicate privileges)
    2.Cannot Create,Modify,Delete content (so I disabled create,modify,delete privi for content folder)
    3.Can complete the workItem from the workflow.

    On disabling the permissions for Create, modify and delete, the user cannot complete the workflow step.It throws error as “Could not complete workflow step” and console error as:

    Unable to add OrMemory
    Status 500
    Message Unable to add OrMemory



    • It could be possible as the Workflow might be adding/modifying some jcr properties/ metadata for that page. As you have blocked Modify permissions this function is restricted.


  5. Hi,
    I want to do validtaion for title against javascript tags present in it, before author saves the value to WCM/JCR. How to do this.


  6. Hi Hashim,

    I want to reuse one of my component for example: Header component in other non AEM application.

    We need the same functionality and UI design of the component in other non AEM application.

    Can you please provide any approach to achieve this.



    • Hi,
      I am not sure in which application you want to port your AEM component.
      If you want to pick and place your generated static HTML component – its just HTML + CSS + JS

      if you want to Author in AEM and use its content/ properties at other places you can export the data from AEM server using Sling Exporter or using .json for that path.


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