How to Prepare for Interviews?

To gain maximum from this blog and be fully prepared for any AEM/ CQ5 interview you may follow the approach I have mentioned in the subsequent steps :

1. Go through the Basic Question bank under the Interview Tab. Be familiar and aware of each and every topic discussed there in details.

2. Go through the Developer and Sr Developer Question Bank . In depth understanding is required for the topics discussed there based on the role your are applying for in a firm.

3. Read the admin questions quickly and be aware of them too , if you have time. You might also be interested for Scenario based questions.

4. If you are done and confident about all the steps above , hit Certification questions and go through them once. Just a read will do. CQ5.6   CQ6.0

You are now completely ready for a technical round. I am sure you will do very well.

Good luck !!


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