How to Code ?

Hi Friends,
With the constant effort to make your life simple while dealing with AEM Backend code, I have tried this section of the blog in which I would try to give you a hands on experience of the various Core implementations which are needed in CQ5/ AEM time and again e.g- Servlets, Schedulars, Filters, Workflow Processes etc . I would be explaining what they are , how can you use them and how to Code your backend logic via using the code template I would be sharing .
Please connect with me via comments , if you need more help and indepth understanding of the implementation.
I hope this would help you to code efficiently and correctly . Go read under the Tab 



5 thoughts on “How to Code ?

  1. Hi Hashim,

    I am new to these CQ world, currently I am working on implementing custom authentication for my site. The requirement is some thing as explained below. A user trying to access the site should be checked if the user is logged in , else he has to be redirected to a third party site.
    Where the actual authentication will happen after that the third party application will send some form post request to cq application where, I need to capture the form parameters and perform the request process at cq end and send the user to requested page.
    As I am new can you suggest me from where should I start , or rather which Class should I extend to capture the form request from the external request.



    • Hi Ashish,

      On any node in AEM you can do an infinity.json or 1.json or 2.json. wherein number.json represent the level of child nodes you want to include in response . If you will do infinity.json that means you need to fetch all the nodes under that particular dialog node, which should be our use case if we are copying another dialog.

      I hope it answers your question.


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