Useful Shell Scripts for AEM

Evolve your work-style with Shell Scripts in AEM. I thought of sharing few of the useful scripts here so that you can also use them in your day to day work without much hassle. Secondary aim of this blog post is to expose you to Shell scripts , if you are not using it yet and give you an inspiration to build your own script one day and share with everyone .

Sling Pipes

Its a tool where you can load content tree nodes , perform some operation and either Retrieve an output or Modify the nodes. The aim here is to provide reusable blocks called pipes which can be configured for any possible operation on content.

Query Builder

Search is always the backbone of many functionalities in an AEM application . It becomes quite critical in Business scenarios to implement the most Optimized Query which fetches the best possible result. To perform search in AEM , Query Builder is highly recommended over simple SQL / XPATH query statements. The Query Builder , if…

Useful Links

Hi Guys, Through this page I would be sharing all the important Links which become quite useful and handy while executing projects and for quick reference . I am using these myself and so may the world . I would be updating and categorizing them whenever I will find something worthy. Keep this page as a bookmark…

Adventures with Groovy Script

Hi Friends, Throughout my project experiences , I have been surrounded with quite challenging tasks. One of that was exploring Groovy Script. By this blog post , I would try to make you familiar with Groovy and I am sure by the end of it, you will be loving this language. Check out all the…