GitHub Project


Watch out this GitHub space – hashimkhan786 where I would be sharing a lot of useful scripts and code for everyone to  pick or enhance and contribute to the AEM community. Feel free to clone the repository and use in your projects or if you think you can contribute to the repositories you are most welcome. To start with below is the Repository breakup :

  • Shell Scripts
  • Groovy Scripts
    • countHeavyNodes.groovy
    • countHeavyNodes.groovy
    • createCSVduplicateTags.groovy
    • deleteNodeWithProperty.groovy
    • deleteUnusedTags.groovy
    • findPages.groovy
    • findPagesWithComponent.groovy
    • findPagesWithTemplate.groovy
    • mergeDuplicateTags.groovy
    • modifyProperties.groovy
    • sqlQuery.groovy
    • xpathQuery.groovy
  • AEM Sample Queries
    • AdditionalPredicateQueries
    • AdditionalPredicateQueries
    • CommonlyUsedQueries
    • FacetsBasedQueries
    • FulltextSearchQueries
    • GroupingQueries
    • HealthCheckQueries
    • QueryOptimizationsPredicates
    • WorfklowQueries

I hope this would be useful and a good learning experience for everyone.


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