Useful Shell Scripts for AEM

Evolve your work-style with Shell Scripts in AEM. I thought of sharing few of the useful scripts here so that you can also use them in your day to day work without much hassle. Secondary aim of this blog post is to expose you to Shell scripts , if you are not using it yet and give you an inspiration to build your own script one day and share with everyone .


Automate your cURL Completely

Hi Friends, Since the past few days, I have explored cURL quite a lot and I just loved the power it gives to the programmers. Through this post , I would try to illustrate the actual purpose and use of cURL : to automate almost everything in AEM. You can also schedule a cURL command to…

AEM with cURL

Hi, Through this post , I would like to introduce cURL commands for numerous applications in AEM. Its quite a handy tool to deal with packages, backups, and various usecases in AEM. You may find ample of applications of cURL by the end of this post. After going through the post you will be able…