Digest the Query Builder API

A lot of times I have experienced and seen that Heavy Queries are mostly responsible for the bad page load speeds and performance of the application.  We all have used Query Builder API in some form or another , but a lot of times we miss its complete potential. Through this post I want to…


GitHub Project

Hi, Watch out this GitHub space – https://github.com/hashimkhan786 where I would be sharing a lot of useful scripts and code for everyone to pick or enhance and contribute to the AEM community. Feel free to clone the repository and use in your projects or if you think you can contribute to the repositories you are most…

Useful Shell Scripts for AEM

Evolve your work-style with Shell Scripts in AEM. I thought of sharing few of the useful scripts here so that you can also use them in your day to day work without much hassle. Secondary aim of this blog post is to expose you to Shell scripts , if you are not using it yet and give you an inspiration to build your own script one day and share with everyone .